Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today's Outfit

I know I should have saved it for the 30th when we get the new episode, but....
 Boom! Doctor Who coordination XD Union Jack tights and TARDIS top. Also a cameo by Arnette, who says hello :)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weekly Outfit Challenge!

I decided to disregard it over Spring Break as we were in Seattle and now I'm just going to be doing homework, but for the week leading up to break I decided on a black and white theme:
 Monday! Bauhaus shirt, white tights, converse, Hot Topic skirt. I was very tired, it was fairly cute, and it fit the challenge. So there.

Tuesday, all black with white cardigan/sweater thing with bows on it :)
  Wednesday I got up late so this was the best I could manage >.> I will do better!
 Thursday, I did better. Striped bustle with matching tights, lace skirt with matching shirt (lace at the collar and hem) I think it looked pretty good, especially as my green lipstick matched my green hair. Score one for coordination.
Friday! I loved this. So much so that I wore it to Seattle the next day

Seattle Day One

I don't know if you can really tell from this picture, but there are sheets tucked under that table/desk thing. Why, you wonder? Because I had made my bed under there, that's why. My brother is apparently too old to share beds now and I am a ridiculously restless sleeper so no one wants to share with me. Only two beds, rollaway posed a fire hazard so we couldn't have one... I slept on the floor. Three nights. It really wasn't that bad. My hips are a little sore but it was worth it to wake up every day in Seattle. 

 Day One: Rode the train. 


 This ^ is basically the summary of it. Waiting for the train (brother playing his laptop chess game), sitting on the train (me reading a book on the fall of the USSR and passing through Portland -incidentally my second favorite city ever and the place where wonderful Mia lives)
I took a LOT of photos of the train ride up. Reading on the train gave me a headache so even though the book was good I had to stop reading periodically to keep my head from exploding. So here's some of the pictures from the journey up:
 screwing around in the station

 actually on the train
I like trains. The way they sound is really nice, not quite like a car or a plane but also not just the clickety clack of older trains. Unfortunately, this one had some odd mesh in/on the windows, so most of my pictures came out kind of... strangely. I think the mesh messed (haha, mesh messed- say that out loud three times fast) with the ability of my camera to focus, so some very very odd pictures -which I will spare you- ended up occurring.

 Finally arriving IN Seattle:
 It was so beautiful! I love cities at night. While more dangerous to roam short-skirted, they are infinitely prettier from the inside of a car. I caught my jaw physically dropping two or three times. There were such amazing things to see... I liked looking in the shop windows during our cab ride to our hotel. There were so many pretty things, so many interesting and downright daring (by the standards of where I live) sorts of things... It was just amazing. So beautiful, everything shining and lit up and the people all look so different... I swear, the entire time in Seattle I saw more people under the age of thirty than over the age of thirty. Coming from a town whose industry is retirement, that was pretty impressive to me. I actually saw population diversity too: more than just Caucasians. It was so cool. I mean, in my town, if a new African American shows up, everyone knows in like two days because there are FIVE. The diversity to be found in cities thrills me every time.
Sadly, at this point I noticed that my camera was low on batteries. Wouldn't you know it. So there are relatively few photos of the next few days.
The hotel room and the view from such:

 my mother lying on her bed reading. I asked if she'd like out of the shot and she looked at me with great disdain, so I decided she meant to remain where she was.

There was a Cheesecake Factory across the street. We didn't go in, but seriously. For me, this was a huge deal. A chain restaurant. A big-city place. See, it's little things like that that really amaze small-town girls like me. The traffic lights aren't strung through the middle of the street, people don't get taunted on the street (as much) for looking how they want, drivers actually WATCH OUT for bicycles, buildings are routinely taller than one floor... the architecture in general is just stunning. There are things to do. Foreign films. More than one ice cream shop. A BOOKSTORE CATERING TO GAYS AND LESBIANS. I almost died of delight when I saw that, but I didn't get to go in (and wouldn't have wanted to drag my family around while I looked for just the right love story). In my town, that shop would be out of business or worse in a matter of weeks.

On a side note, while I was at a sushi bar in Eugene (from whence the train departed) I saw this really pretty alternative girl with cherry red hair and an undercut wearing Doc Martens and a leather jacket with patches and the like on it. She had her lip pierced and maybe her nose. We did the freak nod of mutual recognition across the room. I was thrilled. Never gotten to do that before. She's maybe the fifth or sixth goth/alternative type I've been around, and usually I either already know them (hence no need for the passing nod) or I haven't been particularly "gothed-up" so it wasn't mutual recognition. But this time! ^.^ I was so happy I looked at my mom and asked her if she saw what just happened. "Uh, you made eye contact with and nodded at a girl? It's happened before." And then she went back to eating her sushi. But my delight was not lessened!!

Russian Visiting

I wore this. I did put on shoes, yes indeed I did. And then a member of the delegation from our Siberian sister city, Andrei, came over with the translator Olga.  I taught them to play the Wii while my schnauzer played dead on the ground ;) Andrei had the cutest English I've ever heard. It was very hesitant and accented, and he didn't actually know all that much English to begin with so we taught him just a few situational words. He learned "frisbee" very quickly
 After he played frisbee with my mom's dog Java and pet my dog Boomer, we made dinner. He had only ever had the Russian version of hamburgers, which are apparently quite different, though because he spoke little to no English and I speak absolutely no Russian, it was a little difficult to communicate how they were different. Olga was very very helpful, though, and very sweet. Turns out, she's married to a Spanish teacher at my high school! Small towns, huh? Yep.
 Bits of dinner cooking.

Since my mom and I participated in the exchange of Russians to America, next fall we have the option of participating in the exchange of Americans to Russia. Yay!! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Theme

This week's theme will be black and white! If anyone would like to join me in dressing to the challenge, welcome! Starting out pretty easy, wear only black and white all week (or at least Monday-Friday). Hair and makeup can be other colors :)
Here's a little inspiration:
if you're participating, have fun!

regardless of whether or not you're participating, have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Outfit post

I didn't theme this week *oops* but I think it turned out alright anyway... I only took pictures of two days though, because I got up late the other three... which is a shame because I actually looked pretty good.
 I realize that I have the same outfit up three times, but that's because I loved it so much... green lipstick and fishnets, ripped jeans and airship tank top, completed with heart sunglasses, snake earrings, assorted bracelets (including my vampire fangs that I love)

 I really like this one too actually... really simple, black fishnets, skull dress, bracelets, hoodie, converse and polkadot sunglasses! Quick, easily maintained... and really cute! Yay for pretty practicality!


In addition to my slight cupcake bender, I have
-attended a production of West Side Story (it was miserable, this shall be its last mention)
-participated in (and will continue to participate in) a cultural exchange between our sister city and my city, entertaining a host of Russian doctors... one of the requirements set by the program was that they must be at the top of their fields, so we have a group of five extremely intelligent Russians. The sound of their language is just so beautiful <3 I'm really hoping I can take part in the return delegation next fall... *crosses fingers* I'd love to go to Russia! It's becoming a bit of a pet obsession... I enjoy the history, am intrigued by the politics, and of course the country and language are just so pretty...
-done a LOT of homework...
-read Catch-22 (I loved it- possibly my new favorite book- and I will undoubtedly be doing a book review soon.
-received the products of my online shopping:

pink and black heart-shaped sunglasses, polka dot sunglasses, a bubble umbrella and a cute cupcake necklace!

the most adorable cupcake fabric (this I didn't get online, but it's a new purchase so I lumped it in)

cute little petticoat to make my skirts puff out in a Lolita manner- I've worn it three or four times- took a little getting used to

If I remember correctly, I spent less than 50$ on all this, so thank you amazon!! The most expensive thing was the petticoat, which I got on, and it was totally worth it. So perfect and adorable. The cupcake fabric I round on sale in JoAnn's! *Much happiness*
Has anyone scored any deals they're particularly proud of?

Cupcake Obsession...

 I think this one might be my very favorite individual... 

 I made a rainbow of cupcakes for the Russian delegation from our sister city, Rubtsovsk (I think I spelled that right ^^')  they very much liked them, though they didn't understand at first that they could eat the little pearly sprinkles, and as very few of them speak English beyond "hello," it was rather difficult to get them to understand... 

 I think these look pretty cute, all lined up.. 

 In my science class, once every two weeks we have a themed food party, where we read animal behavior articles and eat. This week's theme was blue. 

Apparently I'm destined to make a lot of adorable cupcakes. Life has been throwing events at me like mad, and they've all had to do with cooking, baking, having food, needing to bake to reduce anger or anxiety... Just a TON of cupcakes have been made in the past couple weeks. So here is a picspam of all of them. Or, well, some of them. The cute ones ;D