Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sewing Project

About a week ago, I ordered the Simplicity sewing pattern 2172, a semi-steampunk kinda-Victorian outfit. This will be my first attempt at a full-outfit DIY.... I'm scared. I really, REALLY want it to turn out well, but it looks complicated and uses terms like "grain line" and "interfacing" both of which I've had to Google. I am determined to do this well and make it pretty. Once I finally settle on a fabric I'll be ranting about how it's going.

Best Presents Ever

source: spieletom.com
(just the doll, not the beach thingy)
           We went to visit my grandma recently, and in exchange for helping her set up her ipod, she got me a present. She really didn't need to do that, she's my grandmother, of course I'd help her with anything! But she knew I'd been wanting something.... Draculaura. The Monster High doll. She is SO cute ^.^ she's sitting on a closet shelf, right where I can see her everyday. Monster High is the best thing since sliced bread. If I knew why sliced bread is so cool, that statement would make more sense.
           The other thing I got is from a friend named Victor. He's a chef from the U.K. who teaches in Minnesota but he came to visit and brought me the best software ever. A "Desktop Pythonizer," which basically gives you a bunch of Monty Python screen savers and decorations. There's also "rude keyboard noises" but I have opted out of those as they kept making me giggle as I tried to do homework.

source: recycledgoods.com

Return to the Webz

Hello again wonderful world of bloggers :)
        Though I feel rather tired and not as pretty as I would like after our move, I am much happier in my new environment and to have all my things in one place again. Now that we are slowly becoming less busy, I have spent nearly all day catching up on my blog reading. I have been reminded how very much I love the online community, especially as I am rather lonely in my everyday life. Dani Deathbiscuit and Vavabeeb in particular cheered me up and motivated me to actually put on nice clothes rather than hanging around in my jeans. Even though no one else in my town dresses like I do (or likes many of the same things) I can still look pretty for myself (and the random old lady on the corner who always compliments me on my way to college).
         My mother has promised to let me drive to a shop for a camera soon, now that I have saved sufficient monies, so there will soon be pictures of my burgeoining wardrobe. And my dog. And my room. And whatever else I see fit to bombard you with.
          I have taken a greater interest in steampunk of late, and if my ancient computer will oblige me as far as to play webshows, you'll be seeing reviews of The League of S.T.E.A.M. and various other things (like the physics of airships). The band Abney Park has also grabbed my attention, and based on these little steampunky interests, I am adding a nod to the subculture to my summer wardrobe. Goggles coming as soon as a trip to Ashland can be made!