Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gone Again?!

Yes, yes, I know... *shame face* I keep getting busy very quickly and often with no warning. My apologies. I graduate in June so hopefully I'll have a little more free time after that... at least until I go to college.
I haven't been taking pictures in the mornings because I get into such a hurry, and the afternoons are out because of my long days ruining every outfit and hairstyle :( but this is from a couple weeks ago when I was dragged to a hotel.
Also, I'm considering cutting my hair into bangs again so that I can dye them whimsical colors but leave the rest of my hair alone, because widespread opinion is that it needs to stay brown.

Book Review: The Catcher in the Rye, Odd Girl Out, America Again

The Catcher in the Rye: by J.D. Salinger. not entirely sure where the hype comes from. It was a story above all else, and it had a style that reminded me of the way my favorite teacher talks. It was a good book, I'll probably be rereading it at some point in the future to try and get a little more meaning out of it- it's a narrative about life and being overwhelmed but not exactly feeling it. I thought it was good, you might too. Set circa 1950, what I found most interesting was the cultural perspective it provided, such as the passages speaking of the roles of men and women (not with any gravitas, simply describing dates and the like).

Odd Girl OutOdd Girl Out: another in the Beebo Brinker chronicles by Ann Bannon, this story was the very beginning, the first intersection of the paths of Beth and Laura. Another book set c.1950, this one follows the confusing and intense romance between two college girls who become more and more aware of the reality of their situation as the story progresses. I really liked it, especially the character of Laura. If you want to read lesbian fiction, I would suggest Ann Bannon's books- it doesn't even matter what order you read them in.

America Again; Re-Becoming the Greatness we Never Weren't: this is by Stephen Colbert, a follow up to his I Am America (And So Can You!), I got it for Christmas and was entertained by it, though not as much as I am by his television show or by I Am America. Not really sure why it didn't seem as good as the first one, but perhaps that's the nature of sequels. *shrugs* if you like Stephen Colbert, give it a whirl.