Thursday, November 29, 2012

Look! Kitty's New Blog :3

The Cat and the Petticoat: Hello, Internet. It's Been A While.: Finally. A new blog, a new day (er, night), and a new…uh, well I got a new cat, does that count? Most of you are probably coming ov...

She's back! I am happy.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Halloween Finds

I believe Cherish over at Babybat's Blog started this little phenomenon: cool stuff found at Halloween. Well, I've got stick on blood and stick on bats all over my window, and pre-Halloween I found that spiderweb I pulled all over my boots and clothes a while back. Here's the window:

I like it, the blood makes me giggle. The bats are really awesome, I had some spares which I stuck all over my school binders. What did you find around Halloween that you'll be leaving up all year around? (or at least for a while)

Thanksgiving Weekend

Today: too much cooking, not much family, reflecting on the fact that Native Americans saved the lives of the Jamestown settlers and Europeans repaid them with smallpox among other things.

My mother got the notion to head over to a big fancy hotel resort tomorrow. I get to swim and read, which will be very nice, but I have also been informed that my make up will be proffesionally done. Because there's nothing I love more than a perfect stranger touching my face and commenting on it while painting me up like a Barbie doll.

Saturday I get to hang out with a friend, that ought to be fun

Sunday I will be finishing homework and banging my head against various and sundry walls.

what are you guys doing for Thanksgiving weekend?

All's Well That Ends Well

It's finally over! The show I was in! It was so much fun, I love almost everyone involved (yes, I am a theater nerd and yes I did know everyone else in the show before it started). I wish I could've somehow got pictures of the actual performance, or even just of my fellow cast members NOT hiding their faces from the camera (shy theater geeks.... what madness is this?) but here are a couple from backstage on opening night:
I was a random servant girl on this night, while my double was the widow (I loved being the widow, but I wish our script could have gone uncut)
 My double is in the blue- Noel. She was great. Here's me as a serving-girl------>
 and this is the guy who played the King, eating something that smelled suspiciously like curry.
The girl who played Helena did a phenomenal job, AND she's pretty. May have a future in acting. Theater! My pastime!


Outfit Post

Eeek! I've been gone so long! Here's what I've looked like in my absence:
 I had a Lolita day

 As you can see, I've been loving my new skirts from Hot Topic- they're perfect for fall because they're thick and fairly warm but also short and adorable. Soon, though, I get to pull out my winter velvets and Victorians!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!