Monday, May 28, 2012

Location Change

My family is moving again, so I apologize in advance for the almost certain lack of posting.

It's a cute house we're going to, though, and soon after I will hopefully have a camera at last (^.^) so over all, good things will come of the temporary disconnect.

This was meant to be just a short post for informative reasons, but I feel so inadequate (kidding).

Have an amazing (insert amount of time until posting resumes here________)

Friday, May 25, 2012


Since the months of pale-reducing sun and makup-melting heat are approaching, I thought I would give a little advice for those of a gothy nature residing somewhere summery.

The sun is not your friend. It can reduce all those hours spent paling (yes, I make myself laugh) to nothing, and the patterned sunburns one recieves through whimsical tights are not at all fun, not to mention the long-term results of sun exposure. That said, hiding indoors all day is neither fun nor conducive to participating in the activities your friends or loved ones may be planning. I suggest a parasol. I don't think I could survive without mine, and lots and lots of sunscreen for your skin. Wearing old-fashioned wide brimmed hats is also a great way to avoid the sun on your face and shoulders, with sunscreen important once again for your arms and legs.

Avoid layering clothing. Going for a more ethereal "floaty" look may be a good idea in summer, as well as lighter, perhaps more natural makeup. Your boots will probably get kind of hot, so wearing mary janes or flats might be a good plan. Lots of lace and other breathable fabrics, although heed the aforementioned warning about silly patterns being tanned on to your skin. If you don't mind being tan, still wear sunscreen to protect your skin from burns and long-term damage.

Black of course "attracts" the sun and heat. I'm not saying don't wear black, just expect to sweat like hell. Your hair may melt a little, depending on what products you use. The summer is a great time to go a little more natural, because between the heat and sun, summer is the worst enemy of many goth fashions.

My own summer wardrobe consists of light skirts, opaque tights and short-sleeve tops, lots of sunscreen and a parasol. Working as a river guide as I do, however,  I tend to get suntanned no matter how much protection I try. On the plus side, if we survive the nuclear winter, no one will have to worry about the sun!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Book Review: The Phantom of the Opera, Journey to a Woman, Gamer Girl

The Phantom of the Opera: The original novel by Gaston Leroux, was amazing (if confusing for a six year old to read- no matter how much your six year old likes dark things or how good of a reader they are, do not let them read it, they will become confused as I did) and I very much enjoy it now; it's one of my favorite re-reads. The movies and various productions that it has spawned are all interesting in their own way (even the one I did in my backyard as a child *facepalm* moving right along!) BUT I still prefer the book. In case someone is unfamiliar with the plot, it runs thusly: boy meets girl. Girl becomes an orphan, the two are separated. SEMI-EVIL GENIUS LIVING IN OPERA HOUSE. Reunited.

Journey to a Woman: this book was written in 1960 by Ann Bannon about the life of a lesbian in the fifties. She was in love with a girl in college but married a man and became increasingly unhappy, eventually leaving her family and friends to find the long-lost girl of her dreams. The story is by no means idealistic but rather has a stark realism that is all the more powerful. The main character is named Beth, and she makes bad decisions, emotional decisions and is a real human being to readers. I like this book and have read it several times, in addition to its companion piece Beebo Brinker.

Gamer Girl: by Mari Mancusi. My grandmother bought me this book several years ago and I have read it perhaps three times. I like it, it's an easy, fast (fun) read about a girl in high school who falls in love online and in real life (with the same boy!). The characters are interesting (especially the token Goth who likes My Chemical Romance...) and there are a couple little plot twists. The whole thing has undertones of fantasy and art, with the requisite drama for a book set in high school. Actually, writing about it has made me want to read it again... I'm off to do just that!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yes, it's random, but they're pretty and I like them.

 Tell me they're not awesome. Go ahead. 

Butterflies are gorgeous, vegetarian and can FLY.
 They migrate and come in different colors and sizes and they carry pollen and drink nectar and have big curly tubes for mouths. Butterflies are gorgeous and graceful and they always seem to be at peace... even when you accidentally splat one on your windshield.

  Tell me they're not awesome. Go ahead.

Butterflies may very well be my favorite nonfiction creature. They don't talk or make other annoying sounds, they don't spread diseases (that I know of) and they go about their purpose so beautifully.

On a side note, I figured out how to make a vampire face when text messaging or typing. :F is that not cool?

Double Dare

A very good friend of mine is spending the night; she has dared me to create a post listing five things from each category she chooses. Not a very good or particularly embarrassing dare, but here we go nonetheless.
5 Favorite bloggers:
Amy Asphodel (at Stripy Tights and Dark Delights)
Kitty Lovett (at Bloggery of a Gothcat)
Hexotica (at Hexotica)
Catacombs Kitten (at Graveyard Picnic)
Juliet's Lace (at Juliet's Lace)

5 Favorite Bands (this one was hard!):
The Cure
The Cruxshadows
Emilie Autumn
Florence&the Machine
Voltaire/Siouxsie and the Banshees (there are so many more bands I love!)

5 Nerdiest Rants I've Ever Gone On:
-When Doctor Who didn't tell Rose he loved her
-The 2009 Star Trek movie
-Pretty much every time I have to explain a Big Bang Theory joke to my family
-when my composite score on an ACT test put me above 99% of the United States (sad for everyone else)
-When Spock died in Wrath of Khan and his radiation poisoned body somehow made it into a different robe (also the fact that his body could operate a warp core and say goodbye without a soul/katra...)

There you are, my dear friend. For all the internet to see. *bows dramatically*

Book Review: Distant Waves, Death Count, Life of Pi

Distant Waves: by Susan Weyn. This book was good, not great. I have yet to find a fiction book I really dislike, and this one is no exception. It's historical fiction, featuring Nikola Tesla as the reason the Titanic sank. With mediums and things, this book is very interesting and a fun, quick read. There's a little romance, a little implausible science, a little tragedy. I liked it well enough. If you have the inclination or like books of the sort, you'd enjoy it.

Death Count: by L.A. Graf. Yes, I am showing off my geek here, as this is a Star Trek novel. I really liked it, there was some great humor, really interesting plot twists and brilliant characters. Spot on, to my mind. Especially Kirk, who I never really pictured that way until I read the book and then I was like, "oh, yeah, obviously. Duh." It was really a very suspenseful and I could picture it making a great episode. Any nerds, read this book. You shall not be disappointed.

Life of Pi: by Yann Martel. This is apparently based on a ture story, which just makes it all the more interesting to read. I don't want to give any spoilers, but it's an amazing book. You should definitely read it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Movie Review: Dark Shadows

This was an amazing film, no less that I would have expected from Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and the various and sundry others.  There is the perfect amount of humor in this movie, some of it a little dark, "Are you stoned or something?" - "They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work." and some just silly, like the breakfast table sequence talking about the large, extravagant ball he plans to hold. I love Barnabus Collins, I very much like the woman who plays Angelique and of course the Victoria/Josette (spelling?) characters. Perhaps the best minor/comic character was the handyman, played by the same actor who portrayed Guerrero on Human Target. He seemed to be always either drunk or stoned, or perhaps his right mind was just a little off...

In any case, I highly reccomend this movie for anyone looking for a laugh, dark-overtones or even just wardrobe inspiration (I sure got a lot of it- came right home and made a little shoulder cape thing like Barnabus'). Yes, there is some "sex" (one of the funniest, most amazing sex scenes EVER between Barnabus and Angelique) and a little swearing (mostly from the handyman, if I remember correctly).

I really loved this movie and I think everyone should both see it and see it again.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Anyone reading this post who does not have a job or an extracurricular activities, never grow up. I hate being so busy. Actually, I love it, I absolutely thrive on challenging and overwhelming circumstances, but I do complain a lot about it.

This summer I have two college classes, work at a rafting company, a summer reading list from my AP Humanities teacher and several other assorted things. Written down, it doesn't seem like a lot, but I doubt I'll have much free time this summer. Hopefully I'll be able to pass off swimming in the river as a job training exercise for rafting... yes, I'm that desperate.

Ah well. Perhaps I'll be able to do any homework incurred from college while watching Star Trek or Doctor Who. I hope you're all looking forward to a less busy, more relaxing summer than I am. Good luck not getting a tan. *I worked on getting this pale ALL WINTER!* >.<

Star Trek

 *KHAAAAAN! (When you really hate someone, the best thing to do is scream their name so loud that it echoes in space.)*
               I cannot believe I have delayed writing this post for so long! So. Star Trek. It rocks. From the episodes of the original series to the many many fan videos spawned by each series, Star Trek will never just go away. Personally, I love the original series. However, the Next Generation is also good, and DS9 is decent. I have never watched more than one episode of Voyager, which is not sufficient to draw conclusions in my mind. I probably never will watch Enterprise.

              This is a series that has inspired many, has a somewhat obsessed following (Trekkies&Trekkers UNITE!!) and is just perfect. Each reflects the era it was made in and the hopes of the future that ere prevalent in that era. For example, The Original Series. Made in the late sixties, there are short skirts, womanizing and all-around swinging, but also a message that, perhaps, things should be a little more equal, a little more diverse, a little more accepting. Also, they had Spock. And McCoy, AND Uhura... (and CHAPEL) why did the Original Series get all the sexy characters?

Gene Rodenberry= GENIUS. Freaking awesome.

Time for my short rant about the new(est) movie. 2009. Star Trek XI. I was so very excited. I go in, start watching. "Hey, that's a sexy Bones. Nice casting for Spock. Why is Uhura such a bitch? OOh, Gailia, sexy Orion, okay, here we go. Wait, wtf, Vulcan, come back!! Hey! Old Spock! WINNING! Wait, back in time? WTF, I thought this was an alternate universe, if it's just back in time, shouldn't everyone look the same? SPOCK AND UHURA BLOODY HELL MY EYES FUCK THIS SHIT! Oh, hey, cool Scotty. I like him. Awesome Chekov. Still, WTF 'back in time'? Someone go kill JJ Abrahms for me..." All in all, great movie, just not a great Star Trek movie. Also, am I the only one who thinks Pine and Quinto were totally doing bedroom eyes and such all through on purpose, like they were giving all us K/S fangirls something to squee about? *SEXUAL TENSION (what, you don't see it?)*
Anyway, yeah, Star Trek. Really freaking epic, super duper inspiring and awesome and all that. Watch it. Please.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just a General Update!

I apologize for my slacking lately, I have been very busy with my term paper writing. No, it's not entitled "Death"; it has to be about the 19th century. So, I get to write about... Dracula! The novel. I don't know if I've already said that, but I'm very happy about it. ANyway, I'm not dead, and I am still lacking but looking for a camera. Nothing much else to report.

Today, May 5th, I get to go to a Maypole celebration. I hope you all have something awesome to do for which you get to dress up nice!