Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Things I Miss Thursday

The Moscow Metro system

I miss the entire city of Moscow, but I really miss the trains. I love riding the trains here in America, but it was different in Russia and so much fun. I'd happily spend my afterlife wandering through the metro system, people-watching, examining the architecture of the stations themselves, reading on the trains, getting food at the little window station things on the way down... I just really miss it, okay, and I want to go back so much.


 Fight like a girl!
This very kind gentleman let me pose with his sword (it was very heavy, hence my not holding it properly ^^)

and here's the lovely girlfriend holding the lovely sword.

Steamcon was absolutely wonderful. Everyone looked magnificent, I was a little too busy staring around at everyone to take many photos, but here are some :)

 Here we are on the first day :) Friday night! It took 8 hours for me to get to Seattle, and I picked her up 3 hours away.... loooong trip, but totally worth it. I've never been around so many people who like the same things I do! Everyone was so polite and their clothes were so beautiful! I'm already planning what I'll wear next year so I don't get an inferiority complex, heh heh... 

 Argentine dance lessons in the Grand Ballroom!

 my outfit for the second day! I ended up changing my corset, this one was very uncomfortable to sit down in (but I think I've solved that now)

 My pretty girlfriend, day two... and an Abney Park Q&A panel! Captain Robert is very funny <3

we sat behind a steampunk villain group... these two are Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn... (Harley had a Bad Wolf tattoo, it made me very happy) 

this kind lady let me take a photo of her magnificent dress! 
 steampunks, ASSEMBLE!!

at a panel... if I remember right, this one was about the polar expeditions. They were all pretty great, I love the alternate history! 

 standing around waiting for the concert... 

 Professor Elemental opened with something I never thought I'd hear- a rap about tea. He was quite amusing, and apologized profusely for Piers Morgan ;D I liked his music, too!

Quite British 

 Then Abney Park came on to do their first set! It was marvelous, I enjoyed it so much... Frenchy and the Punk performed next, they were decent but nothing mind-blowing in my opinion, though they did have an audience-participation can-can, which was fun. Then Abney Park returned to do their second set! I was so happy... dancing was fun because everyone was just sort of bobbing, maybe waving their hands or stepping in a box, which was really great for me because I can't dance properly to save my life, so the sort of drifting and waving was wonderful.

 After the show, we got to take photos and do autographs and things with the wonderful Abney Park band members! I got a hug from Captain Robert- let me tell you, the man can hug. He should put it on his resume. Great singer, snappy dresser, very funny, wonderful hugger. 
I got his autograph too, actually, in my Russian notebook. He wasn't really sure which way was up (I guess he probably doesn't have much experience with Cyrillic lettering, haha)  

 All in all, it was a wonderful trip. I got so much style inspiration, got to see my lovely girlfriend, listen to awesome music and attend lectures about fascinating things... I'll definitely be going again next year, and I'd suggest you all do too if you have any interest at all in steampunk.
Meanwhile, happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Outfit Post

 After school one day last week, I told my dad I'd help him with his graduation sales thing. It's his job to drive around the northwest and make sure seniors in high school do the paperwork and ask if they want class rings and get them their graduation robes and stuff. So there's a ton of paperwork, and I told him I'd go too, help him get everyone's orders down. It was surprisingly not bad, and I got to dress a little dressier than I normally do. It was fun :3

 aw yeah look at that emo hair

 you go hair, follow your emo dreams. No matter what I do, you flip sideways. You go. Four for you. 
 I like to coordinate a little bit, so the lace undershirt, the bracelet and the shoes are all pretty much the same color. I also have a hair bow, but it's huge and looks very silly in my short hair. Very silly. 

 my lovely cameo ring and a close-up of the layered lace. This is actually one of my favorite pictures of myself.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Russia Adventure; Outside the Kremlin- (Red Square and GUM)

 so here're a couple more shots of the street fair going on in Red Square... sadly I have absolutely no idea what that giant red building is, besides pretty. My apologies.
 Standing in Red Square... even among the bustle of everything else going on, it was still pretty incredible to be standing where revolutionaries stood.

 Lenin's Tomb was closed due to the fair, but I managed to get some pretty good pictures of the outside.

In the single greatest feat of irony ever accomplished by city planners, the large and ornate building across the Red Square from Lenin's Tomb is... a shopping mall.
It's this huge, very famous place called GUM, and inside are a bunch of high-end retailers from all over the world, especially western culture. Louis Vuitton, Fluevog, and many other easily recognized brands all have boutiques in GUM.
The outside is beautiful, but the inside is absolute madness.
 outside GUM
 GUM main entrance.

 Apparently, in Russia it is very common for the wedding party to go out and take commemorative photos in beautiful places around their area. While we were in Moscow, I saw at least five couples, and there were even more in St. Petersburg.

 the decor inside the mall had nothing to do with the fair- it's just like that every day. Cool...