Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sorry, Sorry....

In the midst of preparing for what is sure to be the busiest year of my life, I have rather neglected this place... So after I get home from the sun-torture in Mexico, I shall attempt to write out some of the backlog of ideas and thoughts I've got (mainly consisting of book reviews, some pictures and shopping) Sorry for all this madness and delay, I do wish I had more time.
As an aside, I just read the best thing on Adora Batbrat's blog: "Home is where the hearts you eat are." Thank you, Adora, for this wonderful snippet to worship.

Monday, July 9, 2012


The first day of summer term starts today, and I'm very excited. Finally, I will have something productive to occupy myself with. I am taking two classes, I think I'll like them both despite how different they are; The History of Rock and it's Literature (where it's an actual class assignment to listen to Bauhaus and The Cure ^.^) and Astronomy.
I am a huge fan of space, the stars, all that astronomy stuff, so as unlikely as it sounds that will probably be the class I enjoy the most. Lots of the music on the syllabus for History of Rock is stuff I've heard before (not that I like all of it) and as mentioned above, there seems to be a few nods to Goth in the lesson plan.
School makes me happy. I'm a nerd. My summer's going to be awesome.

I hope everyone else is enjoying theirs as much as I am mine.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Abney Park

     Abney Park  As I mentioned some time ago, I am liking steampunk more and more, and though I have read that there is no definite steampunk music genre, the general consensus seemed to be that Abney Park was both rather steampunk and rather awesome.
      I concur. I am now a fan of Abney Park, my favorite song of theirs at the moment being "Airship Pirate." I like the lead singer, and the girl in the back with the stripy see-through shirt in several photos. I don't really get in to bands like some people do, memorizing names and dates like mad. I appreciate the music and commend the people behind it, but I try not to know too much about them (feels like stalking)...
      I like Abney Park lyrics and sound. I think they're a very good band, and it surprised me when (while in Seattle) I saw a poster for them as a 'local' band. I thought Seattle only produced grunge music and overpriced coffee *is being humourous*

I hope everyone's enjoying summer! Wear lots and lots of sunblock, don't be a tan loser like me >.<

Preliminary Reports!

        I was on itunes, minding my own business, trying to find some new music to listen to while studying, and I stumbled upon a most miraculous thing.

The Devil's Carnival
        Beginning on this album since I cannot find the movie, I listened to the whole thing and liked it, though not as much as I like Repo! The Genetic Opera. My favorite song from The Devil's Carnival is currently "In All My Dreams I Drown" sung by Terrance Zdunich and Jessica Lowndes. Then, at the bottom of the page, under 'people who purchased this also bought...' (or whatever the wording is, you get my drift) I saw three words that sparked my curiosity.

Dracula the Musical  
         I listened to the soundtrack all the way through as I could not find a video performance. I loved it. Currently my favorite songs are "Loving You Keeps Me Alive" with vocals by James Barbour (whom I have deduced plays Dracula) and "Finale: There's Always a Tomorrow" with vocals by James Barbour (Dracula) and Kate Shindle (Mina). It's freaking epic.

         And then, what I should have been doing when I was instead wasting time on itunes...
All's Well that Ends Well
         This really has nothing to do with anything, but I'm in a few plays this year, one of which is All's Well that Ends Well. I haven't got the script memorized or anything, hence the report being preliminary, but I have looked over the modifications and by and large I approve. I think it'll be quite enjoyable.