Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things I miss Thursday

Star Trek: The Original Series

Seriously. Imagine if there was a new episode every week. With DeForest Kelly being all grumpy but softhearted and Kirk being well- Kirk, and Chekov screaming and being carried off-camera slung in someone's arms...

And it wasn't just shallowly entertaining. It really looked at some of the things people were struggling with then. What if we had that now? What if Kirk had to go into an intellectual battle with someone who held the Federation economically hostage? Granted, that doesn't sound very thrilling, but that's what allegory's for!

I miss it. Bring it back. I don't care how old they are, make clones or some sciency-thing. I personally would not be opposed to a zombie Doctor McCoy, if that's what has to be done.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Love Rose Jewelry

Ivy Litvinov

      In an effort to do more interesting things on this blog, I will be introducing biographies of historic figures!

While reading a fantastic book by David Remnick called Lenin's Tomb, I came across a mention of a woman who instantly caught my attention; Ivy Litvinov. So I did what I always do when I'm curious: Google.
On, I found the following lovely biography. Enjoy this excerpt!

Ivy Litvinov (nee Low) (1889-1977)
Ivy was born in London in 1889, her father - Walter Low, died when she was five years old. Her mother, Alice Baker remarried in 1896.

Ivy Low, 1913 while working at the Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd, had her first novel published Growing Pains - "in which the heroine tells her own story of the comic tragedy of her progress to womanhood" - (Samuel Lipman). In 1914 it was followed by The Questing Beast - "a torrid (for its time) account of office life and the sexual pitfalls of loneliness" - (Samuel Lipman - "The new Criterion", 1984). She also had literary friends such as D.H. Lawrence, Viola Meynell and Catherine Carswell.

Maxim LitvinovIvy met Maxim Litvinov just after the onset of the First World War. In 1916 they were married in Hampstead and in 1917 Misha was born followed by Tanya in 1918.
Maxim returned to Russia towards the end of 1918, later becoming the Soviet Foreign Minister. Ivy followed him two years later.
Ivy became a translator, and also wrote the novel His Masters Voice in 1930. During the period 1941 - 1943 Maxim was appointed Soviet Ambassador to the United States and was replaced by Andrei Gromyko.
Maxim returned to Russia as deputy Foreign Minister under Molotov but lost this position about 1946. He died in 1951.
Ivy stayed on in Russia working mainly as a teacher of music/English and translator. She made a short visit to England in 1960 and returned permanently in 1972 residing in Hove. Her daughter Tanya joined her about 1976 and she continued writing short stories, some being published in The New Yorker. In 1971 several of her short stories were published in She Knew She Was Right.
Authors, some of whose works were translated by Ivy, sometimes in conjunction with her daughter Tanya (Tatiana), include Alexei Tolstoy, Sergeevich Turgenev, Anton Checkhov.
Ivy Litvinov died in April 1977

From what I found in Lenin's Tomb, Ivy was a lot more interesting than even this biography shows. Above, it states that her husband worked for the USSR. Now, they were- to put it mildly- pretty uptight about the behavior of their apparatchiks. And yet, some how... Ivy Litvinov was a British swinger who had (WHILE IN SOVIET RUSSIA) a string of lovers, both male and female. She was herself, and in the time and place she lived, that was a hell of an accomplishment.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

In case you don’t know, Star Trek began as a television series in the sixties. It utilized Styrofoam rocks, model ships on strings, sliding panels to make lights seem to flash, and robotic dogs without heads put inside old earmuffs. (That was to make tribbles.) Star Trek as it began was a low-budget show that was never expected to make it very big. However, as hard core fans with Spock ears on their shelves will attest, Star Trek became a large cultural influence. 
                Fast forward to the present day. Star Trek was rebooted a few years ago with Star Trek: XI, featuring an alternate universe that still has the original Spock, but old, a much more powerful Uhura, and a Chekov that is cute as all get-out. Fans of the original series often complain about the changes in character and setting- Vulcan was destroyed; there were like three movies that can’t happen now without Vulcan! Oh dear Vorta-vor, how will we make it? Also, these new movies don’t seem to promote cultural understanding as much as they do bar-hopping, and have much less emphasis on professionalism and integrity than the original series did.
                But, they’re trying. This brand new movie, Into Darkness is fantastic. I shall do my utmost to provide a fairly good review without spoiling anything major. The film utilized a villain from the original series, and the way they did it was ingenious. Love it. Plus, he was incredibly attractive. What is this trend in making villains attractive? Oh well, I like it. Benedict Cumberbatch. He wasn’t the only eye candy in the movie, though! From the special effects that would have knocked us through the roof in the sixties, to the other re-introduced (female) character who apparently has no modesty, there was eye candy aplenty. The film was an excellent action film, and was driven by character traits and logical circumstances, featured wonderful interpersonal dynamics, and also made me cry. That’s right. Fans of the original series who have seen the associated films, take tissues. There’s a scene… okay, no spoilers. But wow.
                Star Trek; Into Darkness continues the new film franchise in excellent form, and I would highly recommend that everyone see it at some point, particularly if you are a fan of the original series, but no foreknowledge is really required. The plot and characters will make perfect sense even if you are completely unfamiliar with the original series. They do not reference their original counterparts, though if you know who they were in the beginning you will love the film all the more.

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch.

*furiously fans self*

Things I miss Thursday

Kim Possible.

Come on, she's a strong female role-model! Kicks butt! Is smart! Friendzones!! Is a redhead!! Stands up for herself!
And yet still deals with the normal stuff like bitchy cheerleaders.

I wish this show were back on air. I would completely make time for new episodes of butt-kicking and bad jokes. I miss Shego in particular. Maybe it was her black hair, green lipstick, and epic portions of sass... Shego rocked.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things I miss Thursday

Stripy Tights and Dark Delights.

Amy Asphodel used to run this; now her blog is called Bohemian Bloomers, and she hasn't posted much there either.

I just... miss her. I miss her style and the blog posts she wrote and the topics she touched on. Hers was the blog that introduced me to the blogosphere, and I have to say that I couldn't have had a more perfect introduction.

I'm quite sad that I no longer have the happiness of opening the internet and reading something brand new from her open and insightful mind. And seeing her clothes. Those were great too.

I realized the other day that I actually miss her, even though I never knew her. It's strange. So in honor of that, this "Things I Miss Thursday" is officially a thing. Every Thursday from here on out, I plan to get sappy and melancholy all over.

I was Right

And I don't think I've ever regretted it so much.
Here is a photospam to describe my feelings.

and this is me.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I just got netflix for my computer from my grandma as a graduation present.

Just in case I never see the light of day again, you know where I'll be.

Crying on my floor.

Because Sherlock.

And Merlin.

And probably Supernatural.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Random photospam

Because I found old pictures and I like them.
^some cool things I did when I had longer hair... 

 from when I first dyed my short hair blue-green!

 I do not make stupid faces in pictures, what on earth are you talking about?
 from all the way back when my hair was purple! I love this. Why is my hair not purple anymore? Ahh why can't I be like Tonks in Harry Potter and just get to change random aspects of my appearance on a whim? 

 Hee, sorry, super blurry halfway steampunk outfit

 And finally my old standby outfit... I'm thinking I'll let my hair go back to blond over the summer... No point in using dye, I don't really go anywhere besides work... being in the sun will bleach it anyway... and maybe I'll let it get long again since I'll have more time to take care of it now that I'm out of high school. 

My Favorite Things

Tights and stockings.

Because reasons, that's why.

they're the perfect wardrobe component. Cheaper than most other basic wardrobe items, and when worn in conjunction with other clothes (not entirely sure how else one would wear them...) They can completely change the feel of a look or provide the perfect accessory.
 I generally quite like to layer mine, so that the color and style matches the rest of my outfit. 
 Then again, sometimes I like my legs to look like they were pulled off someone else's body.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inspired by Gothic Lolita

Blue and Black Lolita

Painting the Roses Red

Jack Skellington



I shall be walking across the magical stage and formally leaving high school in two short days!

But what I'm really excited for is to see Mia again... my lovely girlfriend is coming down to see me :D I can't even- oh no- I'M FANGIRLING OVER A REAL-LIFE EVENT HELP

Tuesday, June 4, 2013



H M pattern shirt
$12 -

Bangle jewelry

Shaun Leane rose gold bangle
$9,010 -

Wing necklace
$11 -

ALDO chain jewelry

Okay, so...

The internet is more clever than I am, but that's nothing new.

I just linked -somehow, magically- my polyvore to my blog. I have no idea what that means. But if there's suddenly a bunch of sets or something, that's why!

Enjoy finding out with me what the hell's going to happen!


A while back, I grumbled about the lack of definition to my style. Since then, I've found my wardrobe forming into four separate parts:




While I have neither the funds nor the time to create really great, complex looks, the above photos are from my last week of school and define my styles pretty well, I'd say. Of course I have a couple steampunk pieces thrown in, and more nerdy shirts than I know what to do with, but overall I'd say that I've got three big parts and only a few items of clothing that don't fit in to any of those.

On another note, I've started to miss my long hair... which is silly, because when I have it I rarely do anything with it, but now that I'm out of high school and will henceforth be operating more on my own schedule, I think I'll let it grow back out and see how it goes.

Happy end of school, northern hemisphere!