Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I know I'm an inconsistent blogger on my best days, but I have recently come down with some horribly painful thing that the doctors THINK is strep throat, so I will very likely not be blogging for a time, as the computer screen hurts my eyes... I am sorry for the absence, but at least I know it's going to happen this time.

I leave you with these assorted things from the Internets:


Sunday, January 13, 2013


I would like to take a mere moment of your time to express annoyance at something:
many of the prettiest corsets are fashion corsets, and thus not steel-boned and largely useless.

I mean, look how pretty this is!! Just fashion. And it is one of many beautiful, useless things... sadness

Friday, January 11, 2013

My personal style: a rant

I am becoming somewhat frustrated with my style, as it seems like everything I want to wear is too time consuming for school (or would just be too inconvenient throughout the day) and everything I own is either small pieces of whimsy that don't particularly fit together or, sort of... babybat. Yes, yes, I'm sixteen, I am still a babybat, but my wardrobe staples are fast becoming an Airship tank top and skirts from Hot Topic.

while theoretically this is the perfect style for the life I have now, it seems too... not understated, but a descriptor similar to understated.
With any luck I'll be off to college a year early, and I don't want to show up in a big, diverse city as the smalltown babybat whose wardrobe doesn't quite work.
Therefore, new resolution- I shall tie my clothing together. Get rid of things I don't like and/or won't wear, and buy some good sturdy staple pieces.
I would like to have long Victorian skirts and corsets for daily wear, some more casual things like tanktops, pants and skirts (with boots or heels) for miscellaneous occasions when Victorian is inappropriate but normal fancy dress is not required, and some clubwear. Short skirts, fishnet shirts... Cyberlox. Yes, I'd love to go there.
And perhaps a gothic Lolita dress :3 even though I'm 5'8" and not a tiny girl in any way. Lolita looks a little off on me, but I like it... Maybe as a graduation present I'll get myself one proper Loli dress *considers....*

By the way, the little doggie peeking out from behind my legs is Arnette, the Guide Dog for the Blind I am training. She's just over a year old and an absolute darling.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years

Happy it.

I have but one resolution: remember to write 2013 rather than 2012 on my homework and other date-able things.

That is all.