Saturday, October 20, 2012


last thing and then I'll leave you alone, I promise.

I'm quite frustrated at my life right now. I'd be very bored if it weren't this way, but on occasion it becomes overwhelming.

Being in a play, taking a college class and all AP classes, there are many little things that slip through the cracks. Nothing important in the long run, just little things like not being able to spend much time on my hair and makeup in the morning, not much time for music or recreational reading and not much time for excerise.

The play has another downside: I have had to dye my hair a normal color. I went with brown, hoping it would stay sort of dark and hold on to more of it's red, but I really really want to dye my hair an unnatural color and Í'm going to be very happy when I once again can do whatever I want to it. I'm thinking green...

I feel better now. *deep breath* back to homework.

Have amazing weekends, nights, days, weeks, however long until I once again am scribbling my thoughts.

Book Review: Meridian

Meridian by Amber Kizer is a brilliant concept. A half-angel girl goes on a whirlwind journey/adventure towards fulfilling her destiny and purpose as a "window" to heaven. Her protector, Tens, is also her soulmate. Her great aunt is also a half-angel "window," who tries to train Meridian in managing her life and destiny.

I found this at Powells in Portland, was first drawn by the cover art and then intrigued by the back panel and the excerpt "Things always die around me" so I bought it.

Unfortunately, this book was not written phenomenally. There are no grammar errors or anything like that, but the tone is quite flat and the progression seems painfully obvious and sloppily done.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this book, even though some parts of the writing were painful to read (as a creative writer, I hate to see a marvelous idea brought down by mediocre writing)

Music Review: Type O Negative

They're great.

I was intrigued when I found this album cover because the woman on the lower right looks just like Marina Sirtis (the woman who played Deanna Troi on Star Trek The Next Generation) but I'm still refusing to look that up because if it is her my brain will explode.

So I wanted to know what band had this fascinating album cover. Lo and behold, on youtube, my mind is blown by the lead singer's voice. Peter Steele is his name according to wikipedia. I sat here mindlessly clicking through song after song because oh my goth that voice.

I am now a fan.

They are described as goth/metal, which is a tag I accept and enjoy. Really, they're pretty awesome. Right now I like "Christian Woman," "Everything Dies," and "Cinnamon Girl" though I also have "Black No.1" "Summer Breeze" "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" and "Love You to Death."

In addition to the amazing vocals, the beats and instrumentals are great and the overall sound is very very pleasing to my brain.

That is all.

Senior Pictures (a picspam with an excuse)

So I got a new outfit and tried to do my makeup more intently than normal, and here's a few of the results (I captioned each for your enjoyment):
 I'm gonna climb this tree. Hell yeah.

 I'll just lie here and look idealistically upward, shall I?

 Required black and white awesomeness

 I found this jar of flowers and commandeered it to pose with. Because that's how I roll ;)

I love this, I look nice and pale and my hair is all dark and shiny like my dress... and then there's pink flowers!

 I found the lamp post! I must be in Narnia!

 "Let's run away, take my hand. It's you and I in Wonderland"

 I love this one. Total action shot. My hair even consented to fly up nicely

 Warding off the Nargles

 Nargles, they're everywhere.

 Relaxing in a park.

 Not sure if dead or just gorgeous... it's so weird that this is me... I look pretty in these pictures o.O madness.

 Considering a nap in this tree now...

 I like the face I'm making here. Like, yeah I'm in the ivy, so what?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Date with Friends

Different friends than the ones who wouldn't hang about with me while I looked at sidewalk art... We went to see Hotel Transylvania (super cute movie- horrified at what they did to Dracula... especially the rapping *shivers*) and to the park for a good relaxing music-share. The Sisters were quickly turned off, but they tolerated the Cure in exchange for my tolerating One Direction. This is what I wore:

Senior Pictures Dress

I got this from, while the shipping was fast and the corset (steel boned! ^.^) is amazing, the skirt seems a little flimsy... Not cheap, very nice material, but kinda thin, I'm scared to wear it too much.


The corset isn't laced very tightly here, pretty much just conforming to my body shape. But I will get it pulled in!

Art Along the Rogue

Sorry these aren't very good, I ended up meeting up with a few friends, none of whom particularly wanted to look at the art, so these are sort of run-by photographing :/
*note to self- ignore friends*

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dyed Hair!

the silly-face oneI just got home and unthinkingly washed my face, please ignore it...
the slightly-less-silly-face one
and now,
because coconuts DO NOT migrate (but they can be carried...)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A bunch of gifs!

 my gif.....t to you. Get it? *bad puns*
Quit your giggling, this is serious! You're pointing a plastic quasi-futuristic gun at some guys from behind some styrofoam! Let's be calm!

Upcoming Events

        Tomorrow there isn't much, just the Homecoming football game, which I'm not particularly interested in, but on saturday we have this really fun thing called Art Along the Rogue, which is where we rope off one of our streets and section it into big squares for local artists to do chalk drawings in. I think it's really cool, and every year there's several amazing works. I will post pictures! I promise.

         Then there's the Homecoming dance, which I got invited to by several friends, so we're going to dinner and then to dance awkwardly to really bad music which last year included a song with the lyrics 'save a horse, ride a cowboy.' Yes, I live in a small and sad place.

          Oh yeah, tomorrow I get my hair dyed! It has to be a natural color because of the play I'm in, but I'm thinking somewhere between auburn and that bright red that all stereotypical Irish people have. Pictures of that too :)

          Now, to ensure your happiness, I give you....a TARDIS cookie jar!!
          And....because apparently that's our policy now.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Doctor Who Rant

Because this was inevitable, I thought I'd get it over with sooner, rather than later. Doctor Who is amazing.
here, have some sexiness.  and a little more. Mind not exploded from the sexiness of Doctor Who yet? Try the companions.
I have always been fond of the Eleventh, though the Tenth was my first Doctor (You never forget your first Doctor because the Doctor makes you feel better!) and the Ninth was pretty cool in his leather jacket. Of course, the Eleventh's case is helped along by the fact that before I dyed my hair I looked a hell of a lot like Rose Tyler and so found it sort of creepy to either like her or watch her fall in love with the Doctor. Amy Pond, however, is a girl I instantly admired. Sexy redheads of the world, unite. And then realize you are nothing compared to Amelia Pond.
The  characters (and their associated sexiness) aren't the only great thing about Doctor Who. The villains, the problems, the sheer amount of thought that must go into the plots! Best. series. ever. If you haven't seen it, your life means nothing. Not really, that would be sad if your life was judged on the basis of whether you have seen a certain television show (no matter how awesome said show is).
Personally, I always have loved the Daleks, with their constant 'EXTERMINATE' and unwillingness to accept the superiority of any other species. The Weeping Angels were pretty awesome too, though they also freaked me out a bit, with the whole not-moving-til'-you're-not-looking thing. The Doctor always triumphs, however (he's like the Black Knight! -More Monty Python later) through a combination of wit, skill, energy and a little bit of luck.
River Song. Ah, River Song. Born Melody Pond, her name was roughly translated and turned out River Song. I actually considered changing my name to River, but no matter how much I love the character I don't think I could stand the jokes that would abound in my hometown (things like calling me 'River Wild' or adressing me as 'Rogue River' would become popular... I don't want to think about it.)
WATCH THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!