Friday, April 12, 2013

Seattle Day Three

Our final day in Seattle was by far the busiest. We got up bright and early and took the monorail to the Seattle Center/EMP area... we saw a fountain :)
 and then we went up in the Space Needle, which was not quite as impressive as the first time I went up, which was at night.
 I did take a couple pictures though, and these two people seemed to be in all of them... seriously, ALL of them. The only one they weren't in is this photo of the glass sculptures next to the space needle, which I took from the walkway just above the gift shop.

Then we went to the EMP, which was AMAZING. They had a whole section just for video games, and an entire room for Jimi Hendrix. My favorites, though, were of course the horror and sci-fi parts down stairs. I took pictures of the sci fi because let's be honest I'm a complete nerd:

 Uhura's dress! I was a little surprised by how short it was in person, I knew it was a micro skirt but I didn't know just HOW micro o.O and then there's the original Dalek, a little bit worse for wear but still wonderful...

 The Captain's chair!! Surrounded by a pile of Tribbles, of course... this was one of the best things. I think I fogged up the glass breathing on it. I mean, amazing! To stand literally feet from the first Star Trek Captain's chair... 

 And here's the uniform worn by Brent Spiner as Commander Data on Star Trek: the Next Generation! That was really awesome too, I love Data. And I didn't realize how tall he was until I stood there in front of it... He's not amazingly tall, but given that most actors are short, his relative height impressed me. It was awesome to see all this stuff from my favorite shows ^^ 

 The special exhibit the EMP was putting on was a leather jacket thing, a review of the role of leather jackets in our culture and music for the past 100 or so years. There were a lot of punk and punk-inspired jackets, and this exhibit gave me a push in the direction of which sort of leather jacket I'd like.
 The monorail station was in a mall, so we all drifted apart in the shopping center for a while, I took a picture of candy and got a crepe. It was fantastic, possibly one of the best things I've ever eaten, and it was really convenient because they rolled it up all cute and put the toppings on the inside of the pancake-made cone... it was absolutely delicious.

 my mom and brother got frozen yogurt on our walk

 Then we went to a sort of children's store, which had toys and magic tricks for younger kids upstairs, and a book room and giant puzzles and stickers and stuff for slightly older kids... I took a picture of these two books because I really liked the cover art and I like both of these stories... 

We took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, where we spent an hour eating baked things and resting, looking in little shops and walking through the minuscule downtown. I didn't take many pictures, because there wasn't anything very impressing to take pictures of.
 pretty much just this. This is a view from the street corner where you can see all of downtown. There are a couple buildings hiding behind the obvious ones, though. 
While we were on Bainbridge, I saw a woman with a lovely Kreepsville 666 bag in a coffee shop, and we did the freak nod of mutual recognition ;D then we took a ferry back!

Finally, we took a trip down to the new Ferris wheel on the pier.

the view was incredible, I was amazed by how high up we were and my brother was amazed that the pier could hold all the weight! My mom was just amazed that we'd all had the energy to make it through that day ;D

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seattle Day Two

First of all, my apologies for the lateness of the saga continuation, I got strep throat. Again. But anyhoo!
First, we went to Pike's Place market. I wasn't sure which of all the amazing sights to take photos of, so I ended up just taking a picture of the flowers. One whole side of the top floor of the market is covered in them! Fresh every day! They're so beautiful, and they smell so good it's ridiculous. So for those who don't know, Pike's Place market is a bit of a west-coast legend. It's a three-floor hodgepodge of shops, with a lovely view out on the bay from one side. There are book stores and flowers and knicknack shops and souvenir places, places to get organic food and a couple actual little restaurants. There's a couple candy shops and a few book stores (I got two vampire books from one,  a used books nook where the books were piled floor to ceiling and you had to be very very careful not to upset the stacks. I actually saw a copy of Poppy Z. Brite's Lost Souls, but it was at the bottom of a stack and frankly I didn't think I could get it out without tumbling down half the shop. I did get a compilation called Women of the Night and a parody book of the Sound of Music called My Favorite Fangs.) I ate a large piece of bread and some raspberries, roaming around the market at my own leisure. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a marvelous little shop for knicknacks and jokes of a darker nature, called Orange Dracula. The chap running it that day was extremely friendly, he gave me a few free stickers as visit mementos...
 my camera is being extremely funky, so I'll just caption the other stuff and save you from guessing.
 Bauhaus and Morticia pins
an einsturzende neubauten pin Orange Dracula pin- even though I don't live in Seattle I like the shop and its name enough to wear it A Siouxsie Sioux necklace
Then we went on a grand adventure through the downtown. I loved so much of the Seattle architecture, but I didn't get pictures of most of it... But here's the cool iron covering thingamabobs in the plaza by first street. Note the fun little swirls.
This is my mother, taking a picture of my brother and I as we sat (reluctantly) in a Starbucks. I took a picture back at her, just to be obnoxious ;) while we were sitting in the Starbucks, there was a very cute couple doing a photoshoot of some sort in the square, I had fun watching them and wanted to take a picture of the pretty little lady in her nice dress, but a) I know what it's like to have pictures taken of you without permission by a total stranger, and b) I didn't want to ruin their photoshoot, especially if it was for commercial reasons... so you don't get to see how cute they were. But it was fun to watch.

Just as we were about to walk back to our hotel, I spotted a fun sort of rockabilly store, Diva Dolls, on first street next to a kilt shop (!) both the kilt shop and the rockabilly/vintage Diva Dolls were very big deals to small-town me. I think cities are just the coolest.

 only the second time I've EVER seen a corset in a store! They were all so cute... I really wanted to buy something, but it was all so expensive... even the Leg Avenue spinning rack (!) was marked-up stuff. So no new clothes for me :(

 My mom and brother were really tired by this point, they aren't really hustle-and-bustle kind of people like I am. Once I get going I can go forever, but they were ready to go back to the hotel. So we did, and spent the rest of the evening watching Cloud Atlas, at least until we hiked down to the warf to have dinner at a pier restaurant, the name of which has slipped my mind. Darn.
This was the view from my seat. It was beautiful!

last (and probably least, in the scheme of things) This is what I wore all day!