Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Outfit Post- Hello to Green Hair


 My new Loki jacket :D it's very cool, I enjoy it

 I have a Supernatural shirt now, I don't know who doesn't need Dean Winchester's Blue Steel face in their life but that's not the kind of person I am ;)

Outfit post- a Goodbye to Blonde Hair


Outfit Post: Work Style

I work in the campus President's office, so I have to look mildly professional a lot... Here are some of the highlights :)


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Outfit Post

The first lolita outfit I'm really quite proud of, so please bear with me on the pictures :)

 I like this set of rings, and I've never worn this watch before but my grandma got it for me for my birthday and I like it :3

 I made this purse out of an old letter/note box and designed this outfit around it because I was so proud of it. My earrings and necklace are both butterflies, and my tights were the tan color of the box background. I really thought it was cute

Sorry for the not-so-great look of the outfit, I was kind of rushed out the door this morning so I didn't get to take pictures until twelve hours later, when I finally got home. I have a really long schedule this semester, but I've only got two days of class so that's nice. 
 How did I do on my lolita outfit?

Things I Miss Thursday


It's on hiatus.

As is Doctor Who.

Strangely, the show that's actually NOT ON HIATUS is

What the devil is going on, anyway?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Outfit Post

New boots, punk vest.
Pleather vest originally from forever XXI or somewhere like that, I found it at a thrift shop and decided to put more studs and such on it. There's paint on the back, and chains and buttons/pins in the front. It's very awesome.

 As can clearly be seen, I suck at posing. But I have cool clothes.
 The fishnets are actually red, so they match the shirt more or less.

Things I Miss Thursday

I miss normal damn Trix cereal.
No more normal Trix. It's like "hey, here's swirled trix." "hey, here's like supercharged trix" "hey here's manipulated trix that taste like the tears of small children"
 original Trix. The cereal of my childhood.
 swirled Trix. A sham and a lie.
 whatever this is, definitely a horrible sham

maybe it's because I live in a small town without a lot of variety when it comes to food, but I haven't ben able to find normal, original Trix in ages. I miss it, and I seriously want a bowl of normal non-lie trix.