Monday, July 29, 2013

Genetics Appreciation Post

So I was looking through my mom's iphone for pictures of all my guide puppies, and on that journey I found several pictures of myself over the course of my high school career.

I won't lie, some were embarrassing as hell. But mostly, I was struck by the fact that I look... pretty.

So this a post in appreciation of the fact that I have nice genetics and the fact that iphones take marvelous pictures. Who knew. I may have to get one...

I apologize in advance for the blatant, half-joking vanity you are about to encounter if you choose to actually look at these pictures, but I so rarely have moments of image confidence that when I do it tends to turn into overconfidence. Cocky b*tch attitude commencing...
photo.JPGmy first day of high school was also my first proper goth outfitphoto.JPG
photo.JPGOn the Berkeley campus for the first time, I climbed a tree and my mom took a photo. Because she rocks.                        
 -> and there's me being a freak at Christmasphoto.JPG
Making faces in the Space Needle on my first ever trip to Seattlephoto.JPG
photo.JPG<- Honor society induction
weird emo/notreally pic! Look at my eye. Look at it. The bluest blue to ever bluephoto.JPG

Thespian initiation! (you can't see it here but I have on a Slytherin tie because I'm cool and pretty)photo.JPG
The weirdest haircut I've ever had still couldn't ruin my face (entirely)photo.JPG
Right after getting my drivers' permitphoto.JPG
Random family reunion photos!photo.JPGphoto.JPG
photo.JPGLook at that. That's like a freaking photo shoot.
photo.JPG<-From the DMV when I got my license to drive

I dragged my brother into many Seattle photos. He's going to be pretty too one day. He's already getting there, it's weird o.O and yeah he's six one, so when I don't wear heels I look tiny next to my baby
photo.JPGI even look good in surprise photos taken while I'm eating!photo.JPGphoto.JPGLook at that one. I'm a
And there ends the Seattle photos, now look how nice I can look all dressed casual for working with slobbery dogs ^^ (I love the dogs)photo.JPG

This one's from last night, I'm cuddling my momma's demon pooch, we love her but we're also a bit worried that she might burn us up on the ceiling.

Wow, that ended up being longer than I expected. Sorry! Please forgive me for my vanity.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things I Miss Thursday


It seems like most of the blogs I follow have begun to talk about Halloween, and now I really miss it!
Thankfully, it's one of those things that comes around every year, and- even better- I don't have much longer to wait!!
Around Halloween, I like to get fun little gothy kitschy things for around my room. Last year I got bat stickers for my windows and school things, plus some horror-gore blood sticky thingies that I also put on my window. The year before that, I got the prettiest little candle holder thing.
I never quite know what to be for Halloween. I generally am dressed how I'd like to look, well, everyday. Regardless of how OTT that might be- I mean, petticoats and corsets and all! So for Halloween I tend to dress up as something rather nerdy- this year I want to have an awesome costume, but I'm not sure what fandom to represent. So far, I'm thinking
-Idris (the human personification *more or less* of the TARDIS)
-Mal (Captain of Serenity, from Firefly)
-Doctor McCoy (of Star Trek)
-Meg (from Supernatural)
-Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Outfit Post

 I just love this skirt, it makes looking nice to much easier. It's too hot for too many layers -.-

Things I Miss Thursday

sorry it's a bit late! ^^'

I miss...

Jon Stewart.

Yeah, from the Daily Show. I know, it's kinda weird. But hey, I do miss him.
Don't get me wrong, I think John Oliver is doing a great job of hosting the Daily Show, but I do want Jon Stewart back. With Oliver there, imitating Stewart's style and such, it's hard not to think he's trying too hard.

I do like John Oliver (c'mon, he's dark haired and British and funny) but I miss Jon Stewart!
Come hoooooooommeee, Jon!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Outfit post

Yeah, not trying to sound like a badass or anything, but I wear shorts and sunglasses when it's summer.

There Will Likely be a Slight Dearth of Posts for a Bit

I've sort of hit a blogging block.

I'm prioritizing other things right now, and I don't really feel the need to blog about them- and you'd all likely be bored to tears anyway.

I will try to keep up on Things I Love Thursdays, and possibly do a few book reviews or overviews of historic figures- but maybe not.

Hope you're all very much enjoying whatever season it is in your hemisphere ;D

Things I miss Thursday

long hair

I rarely did anything with it, but when I did... It was pretty bitchin' if I do say so myself. Maybe I'll grow it out again. But then I've also been considering shaving some of it off. Go figure.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cupcake spam!

My graduation party had Harry Potter themed cupcakes, so here are the houses! Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor!

And here's a set I made on the last day of school for my old classmates;

 I really like the somewhat ruffly ones, as well as the flowered ones. Pretty cupcakes!

And finally, my four pastel-ish lovelies;

Happy July Fourth to the Americans

Here I am, British at heart.

Things I miss Thursday

purple hair

Everything I did whilst sporting purple hair was instantly 200% more awesome. When I was mildly dressed up in goth, I had purple hair. It matched or stood out, and looked freaking cool either way. When I was dressed like a goth faerie princess, it made it all the more ethereal and charming. When I was dressed down, I still had purple hair.

Now don't get me wrong, having green or blue hair is fun too, but there's just something I miss about my purple... I think this will be my starting-college colour. I just want it back.